Translations in any language you might need

Het Vertaalhuis is fluent in every language - and you can take that literally: Het Vertaalhuis supplies translations to and from any language and in any combination of languages you might need. To us, it doesn’t matter whether you need a translation of a document written in extremely specialist terminology, a catchy slogan or a certified translation (please see specialist subjects).

Thanks to our solid, international network of native speakers and certified translators, we can translate to and from every conceivable language and deliver large-scale, multilingual translation jobs. We will match your job to the right translator. The translation process, to which Het Vertaalhuis applies the European standard for translations services, ISO: 17100, includes meticulous revision to exclude any errors. This process guarantees faultless texts that are, above all, very pleasant to read. If you send more than one translation to Het Vertaalhuis, you can rest assured that the source texts will always be translated in the same style and tone of voice you prefer. We guarantee continuity and a clear style.

Here’s a selection from our range of translations:
Arabic • Bosnian • Bulgarian • Chinese • Danish • German • English • Finnish • French • Greek • Hungarian • Italian • Japanese • Norwegian • Ukrainian • Polish • Portuguese • Romanian • Russian • Serbian • Slovene • Slovak • Somali • Spanish • Thai • Czech • Turkish • Flemish • Swedish