Introducing Het Vertaalhuis

Hello, it’s lovely to meet you … may we introduce our international team?
Mieke Krocké-van de Ven and Dorie de Leest are the enthusiastic experts behind Het Vertaalhuis. Every day, they work closely with dozens of extremely experienced translators and interpreters all over the world who, together, form the flexible zone around Het Vertaalhuis. In fact, Het Vertaalhuis reaches out across the globe by telephone and email. A Skype meeting with someone in Madrid, Singapore or Berlin is nothing particularly out of the ordinary for Het Vertaalhuis.

With a clear idea of what they wanted, Mieke and Dorie launched Het Vertaalhuis in 2011. Here’s what they say:
“The influence of language on communication simply cannot be overrated. ‘Interference’ in a message means ‘interference’ in communication and it can have drastic consequences. As linguistic purists and global citizens, we love translating every text, every message and every paper into a perfectly readable and faultless document. 

Customer satisfaction is truly the most important aspect of everything we do. We enjoy working with our clients and our versatile, international ‘Vertaalhuis pool’ of certified translators and interpreters. That’s why we believe personal contact is so important. If you call in Het Vertaalhuis, we will always speak to you in person. We’d love to meet you, so why not drop in for a coffee?
Please call +31 416 651 023 to make an appointment.”