Translations of professional terminology and specialist texts

Het Vertaalhuis is fluent in every language and that includes professional terminology. We call in our professional experts for specialist subjects - such as legal articles or technical jargon. These experts are very familiar with their specific field, have excellent knowledge of the subject matter, speak the jargon of their professional field and understand, and have a feeling for, the language and customs of the country. We apply extremely meticulous quality and verification procedures to these translations to ensure that they are absolutely correct.

Het Vertaalhuis is specialised in translating:

Legal texts

Het Vertaalhuis supplies extremely accurate translations of a very varied range of legal documents in all fields of law, including general terms and conditions, insurance policies, articles of association, employment contracts, leases, deeds, patents and translations for civil-law notaries, lawyers, municipal councils and the Ministry of Justice and Security. All legal translations can be certified; our translators are qualified to provide this service.

Technical texts

Het Vertaalhuis has highly qualified, native-speaker translators who are familiar with complex, technical terminology. We translate things like technical user manuals, instruction booklets, building contract documents and assembly guides for our clients in areas such as ICT, the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, Internet and telecommunications and for technical advice agencies. If you wish, we can also supply the layout (transliteration) of things like user manuals.

Appealing and persuasive texts (marketing-communications)

For marketeers, web shops, trading companies and advertising agencies, we translate (persuasive) texts such as news items, web texts, press releases and more with a focus on the target group and bearing in mind the customs in the country in question. In addition, we are very familiar with numerous specialist subjects. Whether you want a translation of a complicated crochet pattern or ingredient declarations for the food industry: Het Vertaalhuis delivers the correct translation by a professional specialist.

Financial translations

We translate specialist financial texts, including policy conditions, insurance proposals and technical-financial texts for banks, insurance companies, accountants and other financial services.

Texts for the leisure, tourism and hospitality industries

For hotels, holiday parks, campsites, restaurants, theme parks and events agencies, we supply multilingual brochures, mailings, menus, signs, corporate films, etc.

Medical texts

Het Vertaalhuis has experienced native speakers with a medical background to take care of medical texts. We translate medication leaflets, manuals, medical reports and scientific papers. You can also contact us if you need a translation of a doctor’s statement or certificate of good health and have it certified if necessary, with an apostille or legalisation.

It should be clear that all information we handle for every job is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Find out here how we operate.